ESMALTICER has a complete range of Frits with varying degrees of opacity, brightness and texture, suitable for the requirements of the production processes of the ceramic industries - flooring, coating or decorative and utilitarian ceramics - for temperatures between 850 ° C and 1200 ° C.

In the R & D department of ESMALTICER we develop the glazes sought by our customers, combining the raw materials until they obtain the desired textures and colors.

We produce and commercialize glazes in liquid, powder or composite, adapted to the specific needs of each customer's application.

Dyes are pigments which, after proper cooking, develop a certain color depending on their composition.

At ESMALTICER you can find an extensive variety of dyes that allow our customers to develop the desired colors.

We have a wide range of additives for the ceramics industry.

Available in a wide variety of granulometry, granules give resistance to
slipping and abrasion, hardness
and different texture, color, relief effects…

By improving the surface finish of the ceramic part, they give value to the ceramic product.

They are available for temperatures from 850 ° C to 1200 ° C.