ESMALTICER - Esmaltes Cerâmicos Lda, is located in Avelãs de Caminho, Anadia municipality, Aveiro district. Since 1984, the year of its foundation, it is a Bonet Group company that operates in the ceramic sector in research, development, production and commercialization of ceramic glazes.

It has a varied set of solutions of glazes, frits, dyes pigments, grits, ceramic inks and additives with application in the industrial and artistic areas: floor and coating (monoporous, stoneware and porcelain); Decorative and utilitarian crockery in stoneware and earthenware; restroom; porcelain; 3rd Fire.

Knowing the ambitions of its customers, Esmalticer works in a permanent way the R & D area following trends of society, transposing them to the ceramic fashion in a permanent articulation between laboratory and the design area.